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A Quick look at azure mobile services offline data support

Microsoft has finally unveiled and released the early bits of Microsoft Azure Mobile Services’ Offline Data Support in last week’s Build conference. I have been lucky enough to see and provide feedback on the early bits for offline support when I was invited to the Azure Mobile Services Advisory Board last year courtesy of Nick […]

What’s In A Name: The Windows Azure Name Game

Alright, I got your attention. I just thought it’s catchy title. But it has nothing to do with a game. Rather, it’s my own observations on how specific Windows Azure components are named and the resulting effect or misconception for those that are new to the Windows Azure platform. Windows Azure has been around for […]

Things You Need To Know About SQL Data Sync Service

The following is a collection of the things I’m usually asked, things that I usually encounter and clarify in forums and some other little known facts. So, I thought I’d post it here and just update it from time to time. 1. Provisioning Before a member database can participate in synchronization, the Data Sync Service […]

SQL Server 2012, SQL Express 2012 LocalDB, Sync Framework, Sync Framework v4 and SQL Azure Data Sync

Apologies for the blog post title, I just couldn’t find a better way to summarize what this post is so I just listed all the products that this post is all about. I noticed that over the last couple of weeks, there’s a few search engine referrals to this blog having ‘sql 2012 localdb sync, […]

Sync Framework Scope and SQL Azure Data Sync Dataset Considerations

In Sync Framework, the tables to be synchronized including the columns to be included in synchronization and the corresponding filters are defined in the scope definition. In SQL Azure Data Sync Service, the counterpart for this is the Sync Group’s Dataset definition (which is a Sync Framework scope internally, with SQL Azure Data Sync Service actually built […]