Microsoft Products using Sync Framework

Every now and then, I read in forums and in blogs if Sync Framework is "production" grade or if it’s actually being used in real production applications.

Sometimes, I even get asked directly for references on projects or products that are actually using Sync Framework.

Here’s a quick list of Microsoft products using Sync Framework that I know of :


SQL Azure Data Sync Service

Windows Sync API in Windows 7

Windows Live  Favorites Sync

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server Integration Feature Pack

Microsoft SharePoint 2010



  1. Hi June,

    To bolster your case…. In production….

    We have done more than 33 million table syncs in the last 15 months on various applications that we have using SyncFx 2.1 to sync a total of hundreds of tables across the applications. More than a billion records have been transferred in the syncs.

    All syncs are over the internet using WCF which means we have numerous failed sessions. ZERO known data loss.

    Environment is hub & spoke, SQL2008 at hib SQL2005Express on spokes with sync initiated on the spokes.

    Until recently when we added some enhanced facilities, our sync engine at the spokes had remained unchanged for 14 months.

    Not production enough? Works for us!


    1. Thanks Steve and good to hear from you again. Hope you enjoyed your visit in Australia last time.

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