Sync Framework 2.1 Now Available for Download

Sync Framework 2.1 has just been released.

Read  the announcement from the Sync Framework blog:Sync Framework 2.1 Available for Download – Sync Framework Team Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs 

or download it now from:

Among the notable enhancements are:

1. Scope Deprovisioning – Sync Framework now allows developers to clean up the sync scope objects created when provisioning scopes.

2. Bulk Change Application – previously, rows are applied one row at a time. Using Sync Fx v2.1 and SQLServer 2008 or SQL Azure, Sync Fx now applies multiples inserts/updates/deletes using a single stored procedure call using the table-valued parameters.

3. Parameter-based Filtering – this is a major improvement compared to the previous static and hardcoded filter values in the SelectChanges SP. v2.1 now allows the definition of filter templates and scope templates from which a filtered scope can be created with a specific values for the filter parameters.

4. SQL Azure support – v2.1 now supports synchronizing on-premise SQL DBs to SQL Azure using the same familiar SqlSync APIs.

4. SQL Compact 3.5 SP2 Compatibility



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