Microsoft has finally unveiled and released the early bits of Microsoft Azure Mobile Services’ Offline Data Support in last week’s Build conference. I have been lucky enough to see and provide feedback on the early bits for offline support when I was invited to the Azure Mobile Services Advisory Board last year courtesy of Nick […]

Alright, I got your attention. I just thought it’s catchy title. But it has nothing to do with a game. Rather, it’s my own observations on how specific Windows Azure components are named and the resulting effect or misconception for those that are new to the Windows Azure platform. Windows Azure has been around for […]

It’s been a while since my last blog post and it’s been a while since I started to write this post and a couple of more that’s been eternally in draft mode. So, let me tackle a common question I often see in forums and I get ask personally: Database synchronization for WinRT/SQLite based applications. […]

SQL Server 2014 Developer Training Kit The SQL Server 2014 Developer Training Kit includes technical content designed to help you learn how to develop SQL Server 2014 databases, BI Solutions, and gain insights into the new cloud capabilities to simplify cloud adoption for your SQL databases and help you unlock new hybrid scenarios. Release date: […]

The following is a collection of the things I’m usually asked, things that I usually encounter and clarify in forums and some other little known facts. So, I thought I’d post it here and just update it from time to time. 1. Provisioning Before a member database can participate in synchronization, the Data Sync Service […]


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